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The Original Home Of

'Turbo Stomper Stills'

Rocky's bad back has caught up with him and
sadly he can no longer build you a big unit,
but even with his aching back, he can still
TELL you how to make them with the proper hardware!!

He can also be your GO-TO guy for your supplies
and, IF you want to build your own, check out Rocky's Home Brew Kits.
Rocky's got decades of experience to help you build your own....
tons of ideas and recipes... infinite wisdom on the best way to do it!!!

So figure out what you need and order from Rocky for the best prices
and know-how so your new personal still will work as the way you want.
Just need some advice? Email Rocky or call him at the numbers below!!

And when you fire up your personal still, you will have
the satisfaction of knowing you DID IT YOURSELF!!!

* * *

Not ready to build one of your own great handmade stills?
How about one of these Themed Gift Ideas in the column to the left!!

* * *

Also, we now have a full line of beer and wine supplies available.

A full catalog is available to all of our customers for beer, wine, and distilling products.
Click on this link to enter the site and click into the public catalog.

Tell Rocky the item number and he will give you the price.

There are a lot of items available, so please check today!!!!